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More interesting finds

As we continue to clean out the ground floor retail spaces, we've come across a couple more interesting features.

As we removed drywall ceiling, in some sections we find a nice tongue and groove wood ceiling. If you look carefully, you'll see the remnants of an old decorative pattern still stained on the wood.

Meanwhile, over by the exterior wall along the west side of the main retail space, we found an old mosaic floor when we removed the modern flooring. This was likely the flooring at the old Newberry's lunch counter?

Elsewhere, when we removed the drywall ceiling, an old pack of cigarettes fell out! Quick internet research suggests these cigarettes were likely consumed in the 1930s.

As we expose the old ceiling, we are also finding the remnants of old, defunct knob & tube wiring. Check out this picture of an old ceramic "tube" - patent date is 1892!

Finally, we removed an old Honeywell thermostat that looks like it dates to the 1950s.

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William Norman Jr Cml
William Norman Jr Cml

Hi, I did locksmith and alarm wiring for Newberry's. Over the years I did safe combinations, door repairs and service. When you remove the freight elevator floor you will find a Stanley wood chisel. I had lost the first day I bought it, it fell out of my work belt. I looked at the bottom through the floor cracks. There is a ton of tools and etc. lost parts at the bottom. Another note, there was a small door that connects the Pub between the Bassett Pub to the Newberrys Lunch counter. You could order a drink and have lunch at either the Pub and or the Bar.

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