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Lunch counter mysteries...

Where was the Newberry's lunch counter? And what did it look like? (And is it coming back??)

To be clear, this picture shows a different JJ Newberry's lunch counter (in Tampa, FL). We've never seen a picture of the Dover lunch counter - if anyone has one, we'd love to see it!

We've also heard different information about where the lunch counter was located. Was it located along the Sussex Street wall, towards the Blackwell Street entrance? Or was it closer to Bassett Highway?

We think the correct answer is that the lunch counter was actually in both locations at different times, first closer to Blackwell Street, then moving back along Bassett Highway. But we aren't sure exactly when it was where, if anybody knows?

The sketch below shows the two locations of the JJ Newberry lunch counter, outlined in red. It also shows, outlined in green, the currently planned location for bringing a lunch counter back!! It will be part of our planned market for the ground level space along Blackwell Street. Stay tuned for more details!!

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29 Nis

The counter was in the back of the store I went there with my friends all the time after school .1958/ 1957 available

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