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Looking for your ideas - Community Mural Project

As discussed in previous blog posts, we are seriously exploring how to create a community art space in the basement of the Richards Building, located at 11 North Warren Street. We are still in the planning stages, but with Dover Art Week rapidly approaching (July 20 - July 28) we thought it would be a perfect opportunity engage the community and get their input, all while giving folks a chance to experience the space in its current form.

To that end, we are thrilled to be partnering with artist Dan Fenelon on a Community Mural Project. Dan and his team will be working with members of the community throughout Dover Art Week to complete a brand new mural that will hang in the entrance to our art space. (See below for some examples of Dan's work.)

We'd love for this mural to be a testament to Dover’s fascinating past, vibrant present and bright future. To achieve that goal, we are looking for your input! What are some things that you would highlight about Dover?  Please click below and complete our form - let us know what you think makes Dover great!

In addition to the Community Mural Project, we will be hosting two social events - a networking party for artists on Wednesday July 24th and a Basement Bash on Saturday July 27th. Save the dates, more information to come.

Many thanks to our partners, Core Creative Placemaking and Levitate Creative Services!

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Dover is small town which also has the flavor of a small city. It is a magnet, where you can start your family, buy your first home or business. You can get off the train or bus and walk to a shoe cobbler, butch and flower store. I would like to see a progression from the iron ore period to 2024.

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