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Interesting surprises

As you can imagine, when a building is over 100 years old, there are many layers of finishes added over the years that cover up the original elements. This is especially true in the interior spaces of the Richards Building, where we have been removing old finishes and various accumulated junk over the past couple of weeks. Every once in a while, we uncover something interesting.

For example, along the interior west wall of the Blackwell retail space, it appears that the brick under the plaster is in excellent condition.

In that same space, the east wall brick also looks great. And we found a curious round opening - we think is used to be used for ventilation ductwork from the Newberry's lunch counter.

Up in the soffits of the windows along Blackwell Street, we found some old tin ceiling remnants. We are hoping we might find more when we remove the drop ceiling in the main space

Finally, when we removed the sheetrock from the old bathrooms, we found these red accent strips on the old concrete wall. Maybe some decor from the old Newberry's store?

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