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Bunting for Memorial Day - restarting the tradition

We've always loved the old photos of the Richards Building festooned with bunting for Memorial Day parades, and this year we determined to try and restart the tradition. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate, but the Richards Building was ready to go!

One thing was clear from the beginning - we weren't going to be able to "out-bunting" the old timers. They had some serious bunting skills.

But we were determined to give it a shot. For help, we turned to volunteer (and Dover native) Trudy Simms who researched our bunting options and procured the bunting from Gates Flags & Banner in Clifton, NJ. Then there was a lot of work to prepare the bunting for hanging - measuring, cutting and sewing everything. (We also had to add some weights so it wouldn't blow too much in the wind.) Trudy continued to lend a hand, with additional assistance provided by expert seamstress Ann Murphy (mother of this blog's author) and her assistant/granddaughter Meghan Murphy. Greg Allen chipped in, hammering grommets, installing stainless eyes and cutting all the ropes used to tie the buntings in place.

Mother Nature didn't cooperate today, but we'll be back for the 4th of July - and next year's Memorial Day parade of course - with plans for even more bunting!

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Way to go Chris! It was an honor being involved! Dover will always hold a special place in my heart. As does the Richard's Building and the rich history of the town itself. Looking forward to honing our bunting hanging skills for future celebrations. Those old timers give us something to strive for! Well, maybe not quite as many buntings, lol. - Trudy Jones Simms

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